"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety–nine percent perspiration.”

- Thomas A. Edison -

About Us

Sergius Solutions is a globally competent solution provider in the fields of “Mobility Solutions-Mobile Application Development, Education Solutions- E-Learning; Content Solutions, Retail Solutions- E-Commerce, Open Source Solutions & Content Management System (CMS), Graphic Designing & Development for WEB and customized needs, Infra-Structure Development, Multimedia (2D & 3D animations), Corporate Presentations and Placements”

We solve business problems in a cost effective manner with state-of-the-art technologies & with a solid team of handpickedprofessionals. The knowledge and expertise of our management, operational and technical personnel are among the highest in the industry.

Our expertise is in converting existing business/operation models into effective long lasting business software solutions bringing more efficiency, speed, accuracy, and scalability in the system operations.