"We give Motion to your Imagination"

Multimedia Services

The use of animation in website design is a challenge - not so much in terms of the technical aspect as in the creative aspect.We, at Sergius Solutions, add animation and interactivity to our clients' websites using Flash development taking your idea or concept to another level to give your products and service a unique identity.

While all our designs capture and engage the viewer's attention stimulating their imagination, we take care to retain the character and integrity of the website keeping in mind the nature of the product or service being showcased.

Our team of Flash Developers provides not only Flash animations and presentations for your website but also creates interesting product demos, create interest by adding movement to an otherwise static site, design unique logos and layout design and create flash based advertisements while ensuring that the Flash files are optimized for quick loading time. Our developers also have the expertise to create wonderful Flash based interactive games and movies.

We follow ethical principles in business and our uncompromising integrity ensures that we deliver what we promise, within the given time frame and at the price quoted.